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photo: Doug Nicholson


Check out some of Mike's favourite collaborators at 'Links', including the amazing Six String Nation Guitar seen here.

Also, below, take a look at some of Mike's favourite books, records and quotes from the past little while...


Wimbledon Green, the greatest comic book collector in the world

- from the hand of the brilliant Guelph cartoonist and illustrator Seth.  More quickly drawn than is his norm, this delightful book will thrill anyone who remembers the excitement of heading straight for the comics rack at the local variety store.  And for those who don't, this book will explain something of that particular mania!


Songs & Records

National Ransom

- 2010 album by Elvis Costello (I am anxious to get his latest, recorded with The Roots!), I actually can't quite stand many of the songs on this one (basically, whenever he raises his voice) - but I find the songs 'Jimmy Standing in the Rain', 'You Hung The Moon' and 'Bullets for the Newborn King' to be real masterpieces, among his best ever.



"They say I’m an activist. No. I’m a dissident. The thing with dissidents is to build"

Vern Harper - an Elder who worked with natives at Toronto's CAMH centre, from a Joe Fiorito Toronto Star article, 24/10/13.