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Great Canadianna resources


Canada’s History

The publishers of the excellent Canada’s History Magazine, and a great web site for further explorations, inspirations and great history teaching resources. Mike is  a contributor to their HarperCollins book about 100 moments that changed Canada.


Six String Nation

Learn about Jowi Taylor’s brilliant Canadian artifact-studded guitar, the stories of all its components, and its continuing journeys across the country. (Photo: Doug Nicholson)


Historica Canada

Check out the latest Heritage Minutes, and review your favourites from the past.  Excellent programs, updates and history teaching resources.


People Making A Difference


Humboldt’s Legacy

No website, but in Winnipeg you’ll find them at 887 Westminster Ave (204-772-1404). Mike’s favourite store on The Planet Earth – selling exclusively ethical and fair trade products, and stellar ones at that.  It’s worth going to The Peg just for this place.

Camp Kodiak

Camp Kodiak is an amazing place – a unique, integrated, non-competitive program for children & teens with & without ADHD, LD, NLD & high-functioning Asperger Syndrome.  A truly inspiring place that Mike gets to perform at every summer!  The greatest campers and staff he has ever met.  They also have a wonderful ‘Club Kodiak’ for campers as they move into their twenties.  Brilliance and fresh air.


Mike’s Favourite Musics & Collaborators


The Cocksure Lads

Perhaps the greatest band that never was.  Check out their upcoming shows, releases and news of the imminent Lads’ motion picture.  Mike’s alter-ego Reg Topping is one of the founding members.


David Francey

Check out Mike’s Seaway-exploring partner and 3-time Juno winner David Francey – a brilliant song-writer, singer, storyteller and painter.


Arrogant Worms

A heaping helping of hilarity, twistedness and damn fine singing, The Arrogant Worms are the world’s most crucial threesome of musical insanity. Sometimes they let Mike partake.


Sheeshum and Lotus

Mike’s favourite duo – The Kings of Old-Time, Sheesham & Lotus, are bringing hand-made folk virtuosity and holler from Wolf Island to The World. Also available for school shows!


David Matheson

Mike’s Moxy Früvous colleague David Matheson is a wunderkind of song, soundtrack, jazz piano & guitar, and is a great choice you’re looking for an excellent studio/producer/engineer for your next project.


Caught in the Carousel

A superb monthly music webzine – great interviews, reviews, and where you’ll find your new favourite album!


Mike Tennant

Founding writer and producer of CBC radio’s ‘Age of Persuasion’, Mike Tennant is a national broadcasting treasure. Together with Mike Ford he created the 2010 radio special “Help Wanted: Looking For Labour Day”.  Check out his brilliant observations about the world of advertising and creative communication.


" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Islandside Studio

Glen Newbury’s graphic design, printing and web solutions company! Give him a shout! Note: enter late-night Texas-Hold’em or bacgammon sessions at own risk.


Mike Ford Recordings & Performances

Maple Music

The albums of Mike Ford, and hundreds of other Canadian bands and artists, delivered right to your door.



For booking school shows by Mike, and 70 other inspiring curriculum-focused arts companies.


The Agency Group

For booking Mike for Folk Festivals in Canada and the U.S.

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