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Writing songs in the valley.  You look around.  You close eyes and listen.  You inhale big and round.  You feel the leaves roll in your hand, you twirl a twig, you pinch the earth with your thumb and finger, for long time linger at the brook.  Each day you take another look.  At the valley.  In the valley.  You write.  You make a sound.

For centuries the valley has given.  Game, beer, lumber, paper, bricks and honey.  Now we will give the valley our songs.  Thanks to The Toronto Arts Council, The Todmorden Mills Song Project will allow for students from local schools (and young visitors during March Break and beyond) to create their own Don Valley inspired songs, in English, French and other languages.

To see one of the forms the song workshops will take, check out this WhiteBoard Animation about songwriting at Todmorden Mills.

Check out the rest of these pages to hear Mike Ford's Todmorden Mills songs, and to access the thematic song-project information connected to each one.  Most of all, follow the Visitor Creations page over the coming months to hear the amazing songs young valley explorers will be composing!